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Written by

Charneice Fox

Illustrated by:

Dianna Nemsu


Every Saturday Nigel makes bread with his mother, but today is different. Today Nigel wants to go on a trip with his dad and brother, but can’t because he is too short. Knowing that yeast makes dough grow quickly, Nigel has a plan, and his imagination takes him on a quick adventure this Saturday afternoon. Told with humor, humility, and love, The Bread Monster teaches children valuable life lessons around food, family, and self-acceptance.


The Bread Monster, though centered around the adorable Nigel, is actually a lesson for all of us even adults who sometimes forget that at every stage in life, we are special. This is a tale brimming with heart, love, and spunk!
— Jason Reynolds (New York Times Bestselling Author of Long Way Down and For Every One)
The Bread Monster is a must have for all families! When I read it the first time I couldn’t stop laughing! I love how Charniece combined the science of cooking with lessons of growth and self-love! It took me to the warm fuzzy feelings I got when I used to cook with my great-grandmother, Mommy Sue. This book reminds us of the importance of family and breaking bread with our loved ones!
— Lauren Von Der Pool (Celebrity Chef, Author of Fresh City Kids)