Our motto is B'MUSE - (M) meaningful, (U) uplifting (S) stories that are (E) entertaining and (B) beautifully told. 

The butterfly symbolizes our journey from earth to the heavens.

Our colors represent all the people on the planet (every ethnicity), the things that we must share because they connect us (the water, sky, land and resources) and the thing that makes humans one (the blood). 

Our works will be a gift; part of our legacy of a more complete narrative of faith, hope and love.  We will inspire as we B'MUSE. 

Welcome to Soulidifly Productions!


Our Team


BK Fulton, Founding Chairman, CEO | Jacquelyn E. Stone, EVP & Chief Legal Officer | Queon Martin, Executive Vice President

Monty Ross, President of Film & Production | James M. Person, President of Stage & TV | Amryl P. Ward, Managing Director

Todd Brown, PMP, COO


Our Partners

Straight No Chaser Productions | Sweet Unknown Studios

Align Pictures | Ario, LLC | Man Jr Productions |

True3Media | Life’s Interpretation | CARTER™ Magazine